Pain Philosophy

Denise Mend, Physiotherapist
Denise Mend, Physiotherapist

Our body is infinitely capable of changing how our body perceives danger.   What Denise understands about the pain experience is that it is a  complex central nervous system or brain and spinal cord OUTPUT that is determined every instant.

Our brain receives  input  from our body and  our environment.   It then draws on our experiences and that input to keep  us safe based all of that information.
Think of pain as a threat or Potential danger warning.  Most individual’s pain  does not accompany injury; it is usually a warning.  Think of the nervous system as a gate keeper to keep you safe from potential threats throughout the day.
Each of us has a certain capacity to deal with threats throughout the day.  If our system is sensitive (like when we are lacking sleep or fighting a virus or extremely stressed) our capacity is reduced. When we are fit, mentally and physically our capacity is increased.
Denise likes to describe the biopsychosocial model of pain In this way; we have ability to adapt biologically, socially and psychologically.  All three of those pillars are involved in the complex perception that is pain.
Denise seeks to understand the whole person and all inputs to help them understand how to modify the three pillars to manage their unique pain experiences.