Services Offered


Denise Mend loves to speak to groups on a range of topics from injury prevention, physical training planning, pain neuroscience education, and recovery from injury.
Planning of presentations is based on goals of the group and outcomes desired from a 1-2 hour seminar.
Your group will leave the session with new knowledge to reach goals of understanding,wellness and vibrancy.


Denise has a clinical practice here in Penticton and will also consult through email, Zoom or other secure platforms to teach, treat and empower peers or patients to meet rehabilitation goals and discover new ways of thinking about pain and recovery from injury. Ongoing communication is encouraged to clarify and progress individual plans.  If you are a sole practitioner, discussion of a case with confidentiality and compassion is a shared idea endeavor.


Denise Mend’s  clinic work includes goal setting, manual therapy and education to empower each patient to move better and ease pain.
Individual treatment plans are the number one priority for each unique person she sees.